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What is A Scouts' Own Service?
As scouts and scouters we need to find a way to worship God when we are away at camp. Since we come from diverse religious backgrounds, Lord Baden Powell felt a Scouts' Own Service would allow scouts and scouters to worship God together.
We're Here to Help!
We were first introduced to the Scouts' Own Service when we attended Scoutmastership Fundamentals in 1999. Since that time we have been conducting Scouts' Own Services at troop and council-wide campouts. We have received many inquiries on the planning of our Scouts' Own Services. This site is designed as a guide to help scouts and scouters interested in planning Scouts' Own Services.

Lighting of the Troop 659 Scouts' Own candle

Using Our Site
As you browse through this site you will find many of our thoughts and ideas about Scouts' Own Services which are based on the thoughts of Lord Baden Powell. Sample services are listed, as well as examples of readings and music. You will also find a page that will connect you directly to some of the internet sites where we find our inspirational readings and songs.

We hope you enjoy our site and find many ideas here that can be taken back and used in your troops. Visit as many times as you like. Please be sure to leave us a message on our corkboard to let us know what you think or to leave us some of your thoughts or ideas about your Scouts' Own Services.

Deep In Thought
What should the theme be for our
next Scouts' Own Service...